I work with various media. I'm trained as a fine artist and have painted, drawn, made installations and videos. I have also published one novel, and I use which ever medium feels right for what I'm doing.

Humans' relationship to nature and environment are recurring themes in my work. I started by studying human-animal relationship, and later this expanded to cover different ways in which we (don't) understand ourselves as part of the bigger whole of the planet. The shift from one media or theme to other is fluid: when I noticed my drawings of animals started to resemble taxidermy I started to study it, and it became the central theme of my novel. During research new areas of interest arose and my work expanded to deal with other fields – astronomy, merchant shipping and mining industry among others – that are all connected with our ways of giving meaning to or taking advantage of our environment.

Natural science is often my starting point. I like science and my work is based on scientific worldview, which I nonetheless constantly challenge. I try to get away from human-centered thinking and want to notice and give value to things surrounding us and making our lives possible. I want to study how we understand phenomena we are not able to sense but know about thanks to scientific research, e. g. photosynthesis and the ozone layer. I try to find ways of developing emotional connection to these things and making them less abstract, since we are after all dependent of them.

Humour is an important part of my work and I often strive for ambiguity and leave it unclear, whether the tone of a work is serious or playful. Instead of simplifying things I want to study my subject matter pervasively and understand them from different points of view.